James Pick, pianist

  • Please follow the link below to submit a recording request.
  • Note: after clicking the link, you may be asked to sign into a google account (you can use your GFU email or a personal gmail account).
  • Contact James with questions or issues:
  1. You may submit one request for multiple songs.
  2. Please be detailed in your request:
    • Are you requesting your vocal part, the accompaniment, or both?
    • For each piece, please include either a metronome marking (e.x. quarter note = 96) or link to a YouTube video performance that matches your desired tempo.
    • Note any places where you need extra time for breaths, and any tempo changes, rit. or accel.
  3. I will complete requests as soon as possible, but please allow up to 3 weeks.
  4. In most cases, after you submit the form, the next communication you will receive from me is an email containing your completed recording(s). However, I will contact you if I have any questions.